Would ye like to party with a pirate? Join me in Riverside, Califorinia at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa from September 12-16 for the Historical Romance Retreat, and step back in time with yer favorite authors! Learn more at

This calls for rum! Pass the rum! From the bottom of my pirate heart, thank you dear readers. It's because of YOU that Once Upon A True Love's Kiss is an InD'tale RONE awards Finalist. We won't know the winner until the conference in October, but I'm cheering our little anthology--no longer available--on all the way. If you're interested in sailing to the conference in California, you can learn all about it here. There will be over 75 authors to meet, tons of booty so bring an empty chest, and much more.

Don’t miss this extraordinary experience! The Historical Romance Retreat in Spokane, WA, September 27-October 1, 2017 is a book lover's dream come true in a magical historical hotel setting. Join some of the world's most celebrated authors of historical romance for an intimate gathering that gives every guest a chance to mingle and play. Dress in your favorite era, enjoy historical foods, games and music while surrounded by the glamour of a hotel that was once only enjoyed by the elite!

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