Ahoy! I’ve always had an adventurous streak, and a passion for art and history enhanced by treks to forts, castles, battlegrounds, and cathedrals as an Army brat. Throughout my teens, I devoured romance novels like Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’s THE FLAME AND THE FLOWER, then began writing poetry, beaming with pride when one of my haikus made it into the yearbook. Oh, I had ambitions then! Art school followed, and, in the middle of a college whirlwind, a friend introduced me to a handsome Army Officer who swept me off my feet. Eight moves, four children, and a lifetime of adventure and memories later, I can say I’ve finally lived in one place long enough to put down those coveted roots. I’ve also found time to chase that childhood dream of writing happily-ever-afters that keep me riveted and reading through the night.

It wasn’t easy being a military dependent, or an Army wife. Rarely does anyone talk about the loneliness parents, husbands, wives, and children feel while their loved one is deployed, or away on temporary assignment. At eight years old, I remember crying while my father was deployed to Vietnam. I didn’t know whether he’d ever come home again. Reader, he did! Huzzah! But fear of the unknown is a terrible beastie. As an adult, I used to stay up reading romance novels late into the night for the escape and relief they provided. I knew when I picked up a romance novel, everything would turn out okay in the end. In a world gone mad, there’s nothing grander than lovers reuniting, families set to rights, and danger thwarted at every turn.

Words are powerful. Emotions and relationships are too. I can honestly say that I’ve survived seasons of heartache, loneliness, and despair by clinging to someone else’s gifted words. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward, to paint pictures in ink that’ll make every heart feel brand new and big and wild and free. Escapism is an art, and for that very reason, I hope my books whisk readers away from the cares of today.

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